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Our Approach

The best quality products at an affordable pricing for better productivity and health.

Our Story

Founded in Bangalore India, in the year 2017 by Animal Health experts.

Vetonex today is one of the fastest growing Global Animal Health companies based at Bangalore in India.  Vetonex core principle is to utilize advanced technologies and expertise of scientists, researchers and Veterinarians in developing solutions that leads to unfolding of concealed production potential of farm animals including Ruminants, Poultry, Swine, Equine, Aquaculture and Companion (Pet) Animals. With our commitment to deliver the highest standard of quality in our products we ensure that it finally leads to increased profitability to farmers. By means of advanced technologies and innovative processes, Vetonex has been consistent in addressing challenges of animal and human nutrition through nature friendly solutions. Our unique solutions have gained tremendous acceptability since our inception, and we are on the amazing journey of growing our contribution towards feeding the world with quality, safety and care.

Meet the Team

We have a growing team of highly Experienced, hardworking Experts and Animal lovers who believe in giving the best products. We are presently exporting to the Gulf and Africa’s with a growing business in India.

Managing Director

Manager International Sales

Rajkumar Kalyan Shetty
Sales Director
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+968 96565789
Desert Bay Projects LLC
Sole Agents for Poultry and Animal Feed supplements for Oman and GCC

Consultants in our Team

We have a very experienced team of Veterinarians with a vast knowledge of over 31 years who would be happy to help and assist you in choosing the right products for your farm and pets.
Also, assist in projects such as setting a Broiler Farm or Hatchery. Dairy Farms and feeds Mills.